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    The Sound of Linda’s Voice

    I meant to write a recommendation straight after I watched “The Sound of My Voice” – Linda Ronstadt. I didn’t – my bad. Paul Canty just posted one of her songs on Facebook and I realized that I hadn’t seen ANYONE talking about this show. It’s so good, so good, so good, baby it’s so good. Linda Ronstadt was always one of my favourite singers. I thought I knew so much about her, but I was wrong. Somehow I was lucky enough, at 17, to find myself working as a radio programmer on the local rock music station. The people I worked with were some of the most knowledgeable programmers…

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    Spinach & Blueberry Salad

    My love of “weird” salads is definitely a Kiwi thing. “WE” don’t think ANY salad is weird. This is one that I love because it’s so quick to make and it has so many great flavours and textures going on in it. It’s cheap to make too – but expensive in WW points, coming in at 10 because of the olive oil in the dressing. I will use half of that in future, for sure. Speaking of weird, here’s a lovely and completely appropriate quote from the amazing Ms Streep who I regard as absolutely perfect [apart from her bad Aussie accent in “Cry in the Dark”]. Otherwise Totally Perfect.

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    Realistic Cake Challenge

    Here’s a contest you could actually WIN! Over the past months I have downsized my cake pans and bakery equipment but the hard core decorating stuff I cannot find it in me to part with [yet]. I have enough fondant left to do a couple of cakes and I’ve had a few close calls when I thought I’d do a cake for some occasion or other but got lazy or lost confidence…dunno, but they didn’t happen. This was one I saw and I really, really came close… Then this Inspired and Motivated Me! This video came up on my news feed this morning and wouldn’t you know it – it…

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    Garlic Shrimp & Asparagus in Orange Sauce

    Many years ago we were on an Atkins kick – and this was one of our favorite recipe. It’s become a good stand-by for nights like last night, when Jim left our [planned] dinner in the fridge at the shop. We always have shrimp in the freezer and they thaw in half an hour under running water. This recipe is a show-stopper. It’s delicious; a one skillet meal; and it takes just 30 minutes from start to finish. The Red pepper flakes give this dish a bit of a kick. My favourite flavour combination is the cumin and orange. The butter adds a silky texture to the sauce – but…

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    Dolly Did It

    This is a complete rework of my Doll House blog. It deserved better pictures original was rushed and there are parts of the house I have re-built twice over since the original post. I still love this doll house and I need to find a home for it! The Crazy Doll House Lady In the process of finding wallpaper and flooring for the Maya Doll House, I became obsessed with some of the amazing miniature creations…and a couple really  captured my imagination – like these ones I scoured online sites and local stores to find the right cabinet and NOTHING was right (or the right price). Then I had an…

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    Lovecakes Gourmet Cupcakes

    Lovecakes Bakery was a huge part of my life for several years and I got so much satisfaction from seeing people truly enjoying my baking and being thrilled and amazed by the decorating. I cringe, absolutely squirm in my seat, when I see pics of some of my earliest icing attempts. Dear Lord. But I did get better and since there is no longer any record, anywhere, of my creations (I’ve closed the website and facebook pages) I thought I’d post some of my favourite cake pictures here for posterity. And this one deserves its own moment of glory! Breakfast cupcake with maple buttercream frosting topped with candied bacon and…

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    Memories Bring Back You

    Nostalgia has been my companion these past couple of days. I’m so excited because my Goddaughter Katherine Lynne from New Zealand is coming for a visit. Her mother, Jean, was one of my best friends and sadly passed away in 2011. I wrote about her in Thinking About Jean. We had lots of dinner parties back in the day – tons of people and tons of food. Many of my memories are of times spent around a big table, groaning with amazing food. I’ve singled out some people here because they influenced my cooking style, and my love of particular food. Some will likely be surprised that they had such…

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    Shiny & New

    Welcome to my new website. I’ Our internet here at the lake is bloody slow – it’s made this process way harder than it should have been. I found a perfect theme program that I loved and wanted to use. Unfortunately after almost a week battling it, and 3 unanswered support tickets, I gave up Okay – I am going to stop whining now! Lynnesworld.com is up and running. I hope you like it. Have a poke round… I have dumped a lot of awful, old, embarrassing blogs. I’ve left some of the less stellar ones because they were real at the time. The reason behind this is that I…

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    Domestic Blindness

    At one stage I had three grown men living in my house. It meant that I was continually finding “MISSING” things. Me. The only adult female. Why is this? Nobody could ever find their socks, shirt, t-shirt, sunglasses or any specific item of clothing. A friend of mine calls it “Man Looking” versus “Mom Looking”. BUT. I WAS NOT THEIR MOM! I call it DOMESTIC BLINDNESS Otherwise known as “can’t remember shit” I’ve done pretty exhaustive research among my friends and acquaintances and to varying degrees it appears that ALL CHILDREN have it. All of them. Happily, girls grow out of it, Disturbingly, most males never do.  Common examples of…