Put In a Good Word for Me


I can’t remember not reading and not loving words.

Loving words.
How can you not?

I’m enthralled by them…fascinated.
I love the way they look and the sound they make in different mouths.

…like when I just wrote those 2 words: “loving words” and I thought “wow… isn’t it way cool that just two little words can DO those different things when you put them together. Damn.

Loving words…

That’s a a random, passing late-night smile-thought and not what I sat down to write about. Which is about how much I love words and word games and puzzles.
I’ve always done crosswords and I love Boggle and Word Whomp and especially Scrabble.

Scrabble rocks!

I am wickedly competitive when it comes to scrabble.
We have an annual beach challenge every year and it’s so fun (winning!).

Scrabble is HUGE right now because of the new iPhone and iPad apps.

I had the free Scrabble app, but it drove me nuts having to be online to play it so I payed my $15 and got the full version.
What pisses me off is that when you buy the Scrabble game you are inundated with advertisements for the word-descrambling application.
Which is the CHEAT.

So you can’t trust any random online player. It’s really shady. So I play the computer (or “CPU” as it’s known) on Difficult. And that sucks because CPU is a frikken word-descrambler, and regularly gets 3+ seven letter bingos in a game. I’ve only managed to beat CPU a couple of times.

Which is not what I sat down to write about. Which is about a beach scrabble game I had a couple of weeks ago when we were down in Mexico on vacaycay.

Did I mention that I was fiercely competitive when it came to games?

So there we were…hubby and I. First game of the holiday challenge scrabble series. We draw for first go. He won. Which I was pleased about cos I hate going first. The best you can ever do is a double word score.
I draw my tiles.
Oh Em Gee!

If only I had another “a”…

Jim was gutted. He had crap letters and could only come up with C-A-T.

Ohhhhh look!!! An A!




What are the chances?

I think it was 78 points. Oh yeah!

He never recovered.

6 thoughts on “Put In a Good Word for Me

  1. Hahahaha… nice…. well you wouldn’t enjoy playing me in scrabble because it would be too easy. Now boggle on the other hand, I am pretty good at.


  2. Scrabble is very enjoyable and even better when played like a competitive sport! You just blew me out so I know you are hardcore lol. Anyways this is my post haha.


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