If Today Was Your Last Day…

Last weekend was crazy busy…people coming and going and a ludicrous pile of laundry.
Not to mention work for the shop and the B&B and some work for a friend…

There were 2 hockey games and I had people staying and pre-game meals to prepare.

We had been listening to Brandon’s interview on the local rock station and my system was still tuned onto the radio.

It was playing loud…

They played Nickelback’s “If Today Was Your Last Day”

Man, the words just came out and walloped me over the head…

Like they were singing it for me…you know how that is, right?

Damn if I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

It is late now and I had intended writing this earlier…and writing more.

Sometimes I say things in haste


Things that hurt

Sometimes I do things


Without weighing the consequences

Sometimes I care too much

And other times not enough

And I forget to take TIME out to spend with the people who really matter

[Ima work on those things.]


If today was my last day
I would want to say

I am sorry
I DO love you
I don’t know if I was wrong
But I do know I miss having you in my life
And if today was your last day
Would you want to leave it like this?

For those of you reading this…and I know you are, answer this, either in a comment or just to yourself:

If today was YOUR last day

What would you want to say?

What would you want to do?

What’s stopping you?

5 thoughts on “If Today Was Your Last Day…

  1. You are awesome! I love this so much. Life is so precious, it is a wonder. I do try and live like this all the time. Loving so much, I didn’t leave anything left. If I died today, I know i have put my love out there the best I could. No telling who it makes a difference to. But, I have left a mark.


  2. today I ate a yummy muffin – delicious! and sat outside letting the sun kiss my face Then I read your blog page – wonderful you ………sometimes we don’t need the big things to make a day special.


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