The most random circumstances brought us all together

We were from different countries and hemispheres…

We lived in different provinces.

So add a generation gap

And widely different day jobs –

It’s not a combination you’d pick:

An athlete, a flight attendant/student, a cook and a geek

What were the chances of that checking out?

But there was a spark of something


It’s hard to say just when it happened

Only that it was freaky fast and there was an almost perceptible






The pieces just fell into place


As if it was always meant to be that way

And that it been that way before

Which may, or may not, be the actual case

But it makes you think…


Because it just might be true

Either that or it was just the greatest of good luck

Actually I don’t know

And I don’t much care

Because what I do know for sure is that I am blessed beyond words

I am so full of love:

I feel extremely privileged and proud

And very VERY excited

Because it’s a rare thing to witness such a joyous union

The  marriage of two soulmates

Especially when they’re two of your dearest friends

Like family

Stace – I love you.
You are the daughter of my heart and I will be there for you always and forever.


One thought on “Beautiful

  1. Awwwwww,

    I believe people come into our lives on purpose. That our lives cross on our time path and travel along the same line, then branch off and if we are fortunate, reconnect later.

    I don’t feel that there are any coincidences when it comes to the people who come in and out of our lives.




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