Thinking about Jean

When you lose someone close it’s hard to express how much you miss them.

My friend Jean Marie Simpson passed away in February after battling cancer for over 11 years.

I understand that my grief and loss is NOTHING compared to that of her husband Kerry.

And it pales in comparison to how much her daughter Kate misses her.

Or Emma, her step-daughter.

She was such a strong, vibrant woman. Larger than life.

I think about her every day.

I have been missing her for YEARS.

I missed her when I moved from Wellington to Auckland.

I missed her when I lived in Ireland and I missed her when I moved to Canada.

But I could always pick up the phone for a long, long chat.

So now sometimes I sit and think about her and doodle:

I make little digital collages of all the things she meant to me.

I started doing them when she went into Mary Potter Hospice.

I’ve never shown anyone or shared these before but today she was with me stronger than usual.

Jean touched so many people’s lives.

She has indelibly marked MY life.

I love you mate.

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