I Found My Grandmother’s Thingamibob

Rug making tool

The thingimibob that I found is actually called a BODGER

I was kind of excited to find it so I set about showing Jim how it worked and went into a nostalgic reverie about Nanny’s rag rugs.

She was a prolific rugmaker – and actually extremely creative. The crafty-ness came straight down my Mother’s line. Dad’s were more the other kind of (dodgy) crafty.

Nanny’s rugs were like a family cottage industry: everyone was involved from scouring the second hand clothing stores for woolen coats and garments; marking patterns onto flour and sugar sacks and cutting strips of material into diamonds for her.  [We could never keep up]

Anyway – I decided to make a rug for our bedroom…and the reason for this was because I’d fallen in love with a purple comforter set which looked great in our yellow bedroom but clashed with our painted red/turquoise side tables…

The second one I made is bigger and pretty funky.

It’s hard to see in the pics but there are 6 different fabrics in it including a silver one. I think it makes a good fireplace rug.

So now I’ve got the bloody rug bug. Gonna make these things for EVERYONE!

I realised after making the first two though that even buying remnants on sale at Fabricland made these rugs expensive!

I went to the Salvation Army, Value Village and the other thrift shops and started buying up fabric. I’ve found some beauties!

The fabric for this cottage-y blue one cost me less than $10

This is a special one – made with soft, velvet-y fabric for someone who might really, really like yellow.

Backing them was taking almost longer than making the darn things…now I’ve figured it out and I’m sewing the backing separately by machine.

Next stop  – Craigslist!

I’m taking orders for Love Rugs!

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