I have a folder of great random pictures on my desktop called “Random $#@!” It’s full of stuff that tickles my fancy…like this.

I was going to do a blog of some of the pics the other day, but then one of my back teeth fell off. Well a huge hunk of it anyway, which meant I had to go to see my dentist Dr Mark.


He said “Hmmmmm, I see you’ve been grinding again”

“mmmmmffff hmmmmmffff”  I replied

“You’re going to need a crown”  he told me

“awwwwwwffff phhhhugggggg”  I replied

“And I think we’d be better going gold – it’s softer than porcelain”  he continued

“wod? ow mudge”  I managed as I spat his fingers out of my mouth quite forcefully

Mark assured me that actually gold crowns are less expensive than porcelain

So if I get a golden crown it really DOES mean I am the Queen of Everything, eh!

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