Josie #1

When I was 4 years old and living in England, Aunty Joyce, Mum’s twin sister would take me into town every Saturday and we’d go shopping, buy sweets and she’d spoil me rotten.

One day she took me into a big department store called TJ Lewis and their massive toy department and told me I could choose ANY doll I wanted. I immediately pointed to a little black doll and would not be swayed. SHE was the doll I wanted and her name was to be JOSIE. End of.

I loved that doll. She’s been with me always. There are many visible signs of that love including a chewed-off finger…at some stage she lost her hair and Aunty Joyce put some black felt on with super glue so I have no idea how that’s ever going to come off.

A couple of years ago I got a parcel in the mail from NZ with a full knitted outfit including underpants, vest and hat for Josie from Aunty Joyce. They were lovely but a little roomy so she kind of drowned in it.

A couple of Sundays ago I was at the Auction. I had just arrived actually. The auctioneer was going “It’s a very naked, rubber doll – will anyone give me a couple of bucks for her. How about if I throw in this blue coleman lantern? Five bucks and they’re both yours. SOLD to 120 f0r $5”.


I have my own number.

The auctioneer doesn’t even look at it now. I am just a number.


This poor brown naked doll needed clothes. Oh, and all her paint was pretty well gone.

So I gave her a facelift and made her some clothes. Josie got a new friend – and a new outfit too.




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