World Famous Potato Rosti Recipe

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted this before…it’s the single most popular thing I make (, other than perhaps my pancakes. Monika wrote and asked for it – so here you go – just in time for the weekend!

Potato Rosti Cooked

Mostly I give the recipe as I am cooking – inevitably there’s a guest hanging over the kitchen island while I cook.

This is dead simple:
Peel Yukon Gold potatoes – about 2 spuds per person unless they’re huge ones.I have made rosti with Russet potatoes and it works, but not as good as the Yellow Flesh/Yukon Gold. I made it with White potatoes and it turned out like craft glue.

Shred them, either by hand or in a food processor. I use the bigger sized shredder.

Rinse the grated potatoes thoroughly. Then squeeze ever drop of water out of them that you can. Place the shredded, squeezed potato in a medium sized bowl.

Cut up a bunch of green onions and toss them in with the potato. Add coarse sea salt and ground black pepper.

Melt a tablespoon of butter in a skillet and add the potato mix  to cover the bottom of the skillet in a thin layer and squish it down with a spatula. When it gets visibly crisp and golden around the edges, take a dinner plate which fits inside the circumference if the skillet and flip it over. Add a little more butter to the pan, and slide it back in to cook the other side.






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