Dolly Did It

A few months ago I was trolling a local auction site and saw a super-cute dollhouse which I could not resist bidding on for Maya Lily: even though at the time she was just 14 months old and I wouldn't be able to give it to her for ages.

I figured that doing it up and furnishing it would be a great project…and it sure was!

Instead of furnishing it with tiny choking hazards, I have found some more age-appropriate plastic furniture and can’t wait til she is a wee bit older so I can give it to her.

In the process of finding wallpaper and flooring for the Maya House, I became obsessed with some of the amazing miniature creations…and a couple really  captured my imagination – like this one


And this too…


And so the journey began:

I scoured online sites and local stores to find the right cabinet and NOTHING was right (or the right price). Then I had an epiphany! I already HAD a cabinet. It was antique and decently built but it had some drawbacks. It wasn’t nearly the right shape or configuration but I figured I could make it work.

It has taken MONTHS and I learned to use SO many tools…and I’ve re-done some of it several times to get it right. I used a drill press for the first time…and a skill saw, …and made lots of use of my dremel, wiggle saw and new scroll saw.

Here’s the side of the cabinet,  errrrr, house

I used picture frames for the rectangular windows and I made the frame of the round window from Polymer clay.

1. side

Here’s a look from the front. The basement/media room is unfinished still (I am saving up for a really good system!!)  I asked Jim for a quote on doing my lighting and he said he was too busy and then came home with some wire and gave me a few instructions.

I learned to solder a while ago, so this last weekend I wired in a whole lot of mini LED lights I brought in from China. And they work!

1.whole front


2 entrance detail

Mosaic tile detail in front entrance

2 entrance floor tile

Downstairs mudroom with golfing and hockey gear

2 mudroom

Downstairs washroom – love the retro look! I used a distressed wallpaper and a distressed beveled mirror tile2 washroom

Parkade with textured grey “concrete” walls and car collection. The middle one and the rolls royce are Avon perfume bottles!2. entrance and garage 2

2. entrance and garage

Lounge – still a work in progress

3 lounge1

Snack time

3 lounge2

The Kitchen…still also being worked on. I have no stove, sink or dishwasher yet. I epoxied the benches and island countertop and made the lights out of little vials I found at Michaels

4 kitchen2

I bought the toaster. Made the glasses from the innards of a ballpoint pen and a button

4. kitchen toaster4. kitchen

Guest room/office/den

I made the bedside cabinets out of matchboxes

The window frame is a picture frame an d the wallpaper was a gift bag in a past life. The butterfly pictures on the wall are wee pictures I put on metal buttons and expoxied. I printed the rug on cotton and frayed the edges

5 aoffice

I also made the filing cabinet out of matchboxes. The “peace time” clock is epoxied onto a button.5 office 1 (2)

Close-up of the butterfly pics5 office 2Dollar store chair for the sewing nook5 office 3

Miniature books on the bedside table

5 office 5

Master bedroom and bathroom6 mbr1

The Bedroom has a kind of  Moroccan theme and has a walk in closet. The bed frame is a chopped up picture frame. I made the bedding out of a beautiful old dupata and the bedside cabinets are made out of matchboxes.6 mbr2

A couple of dangley earrings made a fine chandelier6 mbr3

Master bathroom6 mbr46mbr5

Another expoxied frame6mbr6

The attic: complete with obligatory birdcage and rocking horse

7 attic 17 attic 2

Passageway in the attic. The chandeliers are crystal earrings and the candleholders are beads with a piece of wire inserted7 passage

Marketplace8 mkt

Terrace9 balcony

That’s it for  now…more pics to follow, I’m sure!



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