Happy Happy

2017 was a decent year. Not a stand-out, stellar, best-year-ever one but not terrible, can’t wait for it to be over either.

We got away a bit. Not a LOT and not nearly enough, but Jim and I went to Costa Rica and fell in love with the place and the people (and the monkeys). We started on the coast at the beach and then went to Monte Verde to the Cloud Forests before heading over to the Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna. It was a great adventure and made us want to just move there forever…something we’re still actually considering.

We also managed to get away camping which was significant for a few reasons:

  • We swore to get away camping more often
  • We swore never to go tenting again (too much work prepping, setting up, tearing down, cleaning and re-stashing)
  • We decided to buy a travel trailer and embarked on a continuing, exhaustive and exhausting search for the “perfect” one. It’s ongoing.

In June we brought my sister, niece and nephew here for a mid summer sister birthday celebration and it was so much fun catching up with them – and they got to see some of their Chilliwack friends too. I love them so much and it is always hysterical when we all get together.

Riverview B&B had a great year and I had a wonderful mix of returning guest/friends and new, lovely people. I am so blessed with the guests that visit here….some truly remarkable people.

Old New Zealand friends and workmates from RNZ days, Charmaine and Keith came for a visit and it was great to catch up with them. They managed to see the best of our view and locale as well as a treat visit to a local private car collection before the smoke set in and we were view-less for 3 weeks. Ugly.

After the sudden and untimely passing of my dear friend Dee Dee Healy in Ireland, which coincided with finding my friend Honza in Prague (thanks Facebook!) I embarked on a trip down memory lane. A literal trip – In October I headed off to Ireland, Prague and England. I had a wonderful time, and it was good for my soul and my spirit to reconnect with dear, dear friends and family.

Rotary has kept me pretty busy this year. I am PR Director for our club and I try to volunteer as much as I can: Meals on Wheels, Traffic/Parking, Train conducting….we get to do it all! And yes, we have a train. We have done some great international and local projects as a result of our work and fund-raising and it’s incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

In December our club did a project to provide gift bags for women who would be in our local transition houses over Christmas (20 women in total). Our small (perfectly formed) team was overwhelmed with the support we received from the local businesses we approached, as well as our club, our individual members, and friends. As well as product to put in the bags, we raised over $600 to supplement the bags with items that would give them comfort and joy at Christmas time. Our members spent part of our last meeting of the year putting the bags together and you could just FEEL the goodwill and satisfaction in the room. What a way to end our year!

I was also lucky enough to volunteer for, and be accepted, onto the board of Gwynne Vaughan Park, which is a local community park and it’s beautiful. amazing and unique and I am so excited about it. The Board members are fantastic and I am loving every minute of it.

The year ended with a cruel, cold snap but we braved the icy freeway and zero visibility to travel into Richmond on 28th December (Jimmy’s birthday) to watch nephew Marvin playing hockey in a tournament. They won that game and what a thrill it was to see him skate. Despite feeling crappy with a cold he played fearlessly and scored a goal, so we were proud!

Speaking of hockey, and proud, we love getting to see Brandon Manning, our last billet, playing when the Flyers come to Vancouver. The Mannings are such a great family and it’s so great to stay connected to them all.

My beautiful granddaughter Maya Lily is a joy to me and thanks to daily snapchats I’ve watched her grow into a sweet and funny toddler. Now we can facetime and she’s frikken SMART too. I of course am totally unbiased when I say this.

Stace and Craig are about to present us with Oliver, a grandson, in April so the first part of 2018 I am hoping to spend some time with them as they prepare for his arrival.

Resolutions: I have a few. And I will keep them as best I can.

Self improvement is always my goal and I am working hard on finding more balance in my life.

Happy New Year to you all. May it bring you peace, love, and enough of everything.


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