Reflecting on an Obsession Part 1


I am very partial to mirrors – and it would seem I am in a minority because when I go to auction I can pick them up for peanuts.

I’ve bought some very ornate ones and some very simple ones and I like to change them around to suit the season and my decor.

I am very happy with my bedroom mirrors…they go with our handpainted Indian furniture perfectly.

I fell in love with this mirror and picked it up for $15. Very happy camper!

This one goes with our bedroom set – which was from Pier One. No bargains there!

I bought this mirror and hallstand to sell, but once I got it home, Jim put it in place in the hallway and said “we’re keeping it”.

It was quite a buy – the hallstand and mirror for $35.

Oh yeah, and just to the right there’s an antique brass fire extinguisher which we found at

an auction in Tacoma, Washington when we went on a Picking Expedition. The only one we ever went on, incidentally…

This is my entrance at the B&B which I change many times a year:

Christmas, Valentines Day, Spring, Summer, Fall, Hallowe’en

The blue ceramic mirror was made by a wonderful Irish artist and friend, Orla Kominski

It is now in my stairway

I picked this one up for $45 at the auction

It is really nicely gilded and it has a really nice inlay

I love the simplicity of this solid old oak mirror and it looks great with the hall table.

Cost me $25

(part 2 is a gallery of my mirror creations – coming soon!)

#mirror #decor

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