Time for More Secrets

Summer is crazy round here with guests coming and going and I have little time to myself, let alone time in my workshop. Plus, while people are in the suite I can’t really work in there because it seems intrusive being right next door to them and of course I can’t paint (fumes) or use tools (noise).

I have been sneaking down whenever I can and my goal is to finish as many projects as I can…a kind of de-cluttering. (yeah, right…)

So, here are some before and after shots of some of the things I have been getting finished. I love these plaster candle pillars which I bought for about $2 at the Sally Ann in Abbotsford. I love that they have little lids.


I have a pretty extensive elephant collection in my office…

Seriously, I try to stop myself from buying more, but occasionally fail. Here are a couple of candle holders which were a nasty shiny enamel black.


I did lots of other bits and pieces too…but the main things I’ve been working on are more “Secret Gardens” and I pulled a couple of older ones apart and redid them. I am so happy with them!

This is one I’ve had around for ages but was never 100% happy with it so I changed it up and put some lights in it – such a big improvement!

This was an old picture frame with a naff wedding verse in it. I think this has turned out to be my favourite. Click the arrows for more pics.

I picked the big one on the left up from Voila the last week and had never been completely happy with the bottom part…so I revamped it. Much better!

I had this little wooden mirror and had a fun afternoon jewelling it. It’s a thing of beauty! Click the arrows for more images.

Sooooo, I found these little curio cabinets I guess you’d call them: 2 of them. I have one almost finished and this is the one I completed tonight. Click for more images.

It’s late, I’m tired and I’ve got early breakfast.

My thoughts are with all the people affected by the wildfires, hurricanes and earthquakes.

#floral #creations #secretgarden

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