I was born in Liverpool England, and when I was five my parents emigrated to a tiny town in rural New Zealand.

At the age of 16, I graduated high school and went to Wellington where I worked in radio broadcasting.

In 1990 I transferred to Auckland and in 1995 took a job in based in Ireland and working in Eastern Europe, returning to New Zealand in 1999.

People and places are fascinating to me. I’m pretty brave. I am always willing to try new things and take on big projects.  I did some things really well and a ton of things really poorly.

I’ve had some brilliant successes and some monumental failuresand I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons.

When I was a young radio sales manager I heard a talk by a well know American radio management icon, Pam Lontos. Her keynote message has become my own credo:

Don’t Tell Me It’s Impossible Until After I’ve Already Done It

I now live in BC Canada and it’s truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen.

Jim, my husband is amazing: kind and patient and endlessly encouraging. He owns an audio video business and LOVES his work, which inspires me to do things that I find really fulfilling too.

Our house is on a mountain overlooking the Fraser River, surrounded by beautiful mountains. When we first built it we billeted hockey players from our local WHL team which was amazing, and so much fun. When that was done, I started a Bed and Breakfast which was always a dream of mine…and now the universe delivers me amazing people who I’d never get to meet otherwise.

I had a custom cake decorating business for a few years and it was very successful but I couldn’t manage baking and the B&B so I decommissioned my lovely bakery. Now I have lots more time for my many hobbies and craft projects and I endlessly decorate and “foo-foo” my house.

Whosqueen, my screen name has been with me since early “Blackadder” days. I have always adored the late Miranda Richardson who played Queenie in that show, and used to mimic her screechy “Who’s Queen”. Though it pains me to admit this, once upon a time I also sincerely believed that if we’d stayed in England I probablywould have married Prince Charles and been the real Queen. I know, I know….


Miranda Richardson as Queenie


3 thoughts on “WhosQueen

  1. you are so beautiful and as one of the people you love (hope so) it is hard to not hear fasinating defatils of your life at every moment. Your life……….so much more excitnig than mime. Then and Now.

    Kepp writing, and I will keep reading.

    P.S. I love unmatched shoes, crockery, sheets and friends


      1. well okay, maybe unmatched shoes is an exaggeration!

        new word for me today PELLUCIDITY……….doesn’t it just crunch in the mouth?


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