Airy Fairy

I was in Calgary a couple of weeks ago visiting Stacy and Craig and wee Maya who is about to become a BIG SISTER!

Stace is nesting, and has the new baby’s room ready for his arrival any day now! She’s got air plants and ferns in his room and one of the things we did was visit her favourite shop “Plant” – it is amazing and funky and friendly, and has become quite an icon. Should be a franchise we reckon.

I bought some decorative moss and started thinking about some of the things I might do when I got home: I had lots of shells and crystals and vases and bits of driftwood and some very cool river stones…

When I got home I took a quick trip down the road to Minter Gardens and picked up some airplants. I harvested my own succulents for the most part…and found some crazy “Desert Gems” at Walmart. The hardest thing was finding cactus soil at this time of the year.

 So these are Inspired by Stace, spurred on by “Plant” and facilitated by many great You Tube videos and Pinterest boards!

This first one combines a little glass box (I rescued it from my garage sale); a hunk of rose quartz, some pretty Petalite stones, some coloured moss, a couple of air plants – under the watchful, or maybe even whimsical, eye of a little fairy.


Over the years (and many trips to Mexico), Jim and I have collected loads of shells. I love this little air plant nestled in a shell with a big pink pearl.


I painted the little hummingbird wall plaque during the winter and had no idea where it was going to go. It looks really cute on the wall in the main foyer.

These are the Desert Gems I found at Walmart. I think they look gorgeous with the contrasting coloured moss. They’re in some old glass vases I had kicking around.


I found a couple of pots at my favourite Dollar Store and planted them up. They’re just the right size for the windowsill in my dining room.


The Airplant in the picture below reminds me of my hair. Weird, I know. It is actually identical to the one Stace got the day we went to “Plant”.


Last one, I promise! This is actually the first one I did. I love the way the pink and green thulite stones match the polka dot acanthus plant



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