Crystal Towers

A few years ago I saw some of these cool glass towers or “totems” on Etsy and Pinterest – and then I was having my nails done at Carolyn Manchulenko‘s house and she had made a couple of beautiful, elegant and quite whimsical ones…which of course got me inspired.

Our balcony is 55 ft long and it seemed like a great idea for my pot plants, so I made a bunch of them.

Six summers later and most of them are still intact. When they break, I throw them out.

This little red one (above) is the first I ever made – I’d had the little cake plate for ages and used it for one photo I think – and it seemed like a perfect “topper”. Of course that meant it was useless for putting a plant on, but I used it for fruit to attract butterflies.It worked like a hot damn to attract BEES and WASPS.

I learned quickly what NOT to do.

Don’t use a cake plate on the top unless you are making a cake tower!

Glass Totem
Tall Plant Stand

The pillar on the right is only really useful indoors because the “bowl” on top collects water and is a pain if I use it outside.

Don’t use a bowl on the top!





This is another one I use indoors a lot.because of its proportions – it works as a plant stand and also as a lamp stand.It was useless outside because all of the layers gathered water and went green.

Place plates and bowls facing down so they don’t collect water

I was really pleased how this one turned out and it was always intended to be used indoors.

Love this one

I love the elegant proportions and the way the 2 mid-section plates are like flower petals

The divided appy platter I used on top works really well as a plant stand.




I did a wedding at Capilano a few years ago and at one of our meetings, the bride was admiring the towers. We had the idea of using glass towers for her wedding cake stand and cupcake stands.  Her cake topper was crystal so it looked amazing! Yep. I made those roses!

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