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Don’t tell me it’s impossible til after I’ve already done it

I’m an English Kiwi living in British Columbia, Canada in the beautiful Fraser Valley.

My background is broadcasting and media and I have been blessed to work internationally and to travel extensively both for business and pleasure. 

I began a busy, successful custom cake business called “Love Cakes” then in 2008 I decided to pursue a long-held desire to open a Bed and Breakfast. Within a few months Riverview B&B became #1 in the market.

I am very active in the community on various boards, committees and volunteer activities.

Currently we’re living in our 5th wheel trailer at Lindell Beach, and split our time between here and town. Life is much simpler and sweeter – I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  


I am always making stuff: restoring furniture, making shadow boxes, doll houses and dollhouse furniture. Garden decor, indoor and outdoor plants. Knitting, sewing and felting. I mostly forget to take pictures. When I do, I mostly remember to post them.


Random posts about whatever I feel like writing. Might be a rant, a reminiscence or a bunch of holiday pics. Because I am a lazy typist, I use a lot of pictures, except when I don’t. 


 I love adapting  recipes and “Pantry Challenge” means I have to use ingredients I’ve already got. Right now I’m working on some Weight Watchers recipes. WW meet Pantry Challenge! Watch this space!i

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