Here and Now

We don’t know where we are going. Our house has been on the market for 19 months and we’ve had numerous deals fall through.

Cultus Lake

But for now I am in my happy place: at Lindell Beach, in the woods, with the dogs and Jim and surrounded by nature. The air is so fresh and life is simple and peaceful here.

We brought our travel trailer here in April – 2 weeks in, one week in storage, 2 weeks in….and we did that right through April and May. In June I took a part time job at the park which meant that we paid a site rental, and didn’t have to move the trailer.

ALL of this was to avoid the constant housekeeping and foo-fooing we were having to do for showings…showings that came through at about once a week or even less. But still it was a shit-ton of work. It was distracting and fun setting up our semi-permanent site.

Garden at our site

In fairness, it was tight living in such a small space, BUT we did have the great outdoors and it wasn’t an issue. I cooked outside and we sat round our campfire every night and talked. We didn’t watch TV. We didn’t surf the interwebs. We just were here.

One day in early August I was taking the dogs for a walk and I noticed that a beautiful, permanent 5th wheel four sites along from us was for sale. The sign had literally just gone up. I went back and told Jim and we went to see Jack and Shirley…and they told us that they were selling their annual site and their rig because of serious health issues and invited us to come and look.

We looked, we loved it, and we made an offer all within a couple of days – mainly spurred by me seeing the amount of interest that people were showing as I went about my campground duties.

So, we are now the proud, happy owners of an enormous 50ft long Fifth wheel that we will never move! It’s on an annual site…so we don’t HAVE to!

I have made it home. It has a walk-in pantry, a fireplace, and a double door ice-maker fridge. There’s so much storage I have empty cupboards. I took the doors off two cupboards under the fireplace and put doggie cushions in – the girls hang out in them all the time.

I’ve brought stuff with me that makes it feel like home and honestly resent every single day I DON’T get to spend here.

Site 75. Come see us – you’re very welcome.


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