I Can’t Even…

The movers arrive in about 6 hours and I should be in bed…[ages ago actually].

It’s surreal to think this is the last night we will sleep here at “Riverview” – the house we built and kept on building. SO many memories. SO many wonderful people have passed through our home.

We moved back into the house on 6th March and have been here ever since. Packing, sorting, moving, cleaning, drinking, cooking…it’s actually been lovely. Even as we emptied the house out room by room, it has been strangely satisfying. I am 100% at peace with moving. 

Even the weather co-operated and we’ve been able to enjoy glorious warm sunny days, snow, rain and sleet and windstorms. It’s given us the chance to see our beautiful view in all it’s colours and hues.

Staying home has been easy – there’s just so much to do. So much to take in. Who’d want to go out anyway? It’s frikken MAD out there.

Tomorrow we’ll be forced from our (now echo-y, cavernous) sanctuary and we’ll self isolate at Lindell Beach.

I’m gonna miss the view. Who wouldn’t? But we had 15 years of seeing it every day anew and I never got sick of it or took it for granted. I will miss the sunrises. Never a morning person, when I started my B&B I would fairly leap out of bed every day to catch those fleeting magical moment.

And my garden. It nearly killed me, but I loved it. It was interesting and I’m taking lots of treasures to my new little space. We won’t be having wienie roasts sitting on stumps round the stone mosaic firepit that I built – but I’m trading them for wienie roasts at the Lake. I’ve commissioned Rich Shtick to re-paint my tractor seats for my new stumps.

I will not miss cleaning this place! Truth is, the reason I am sitting here tonight writing this rather than sleeping is because I am so sore. My back is killing me and my feet and hands hurt so much from the physical grunt work we’ve been doing. Because of COVID-19 we haven’t been able to get help. Nor can we donate anything – so there is a ton of stuff in storage for “after”. Having a garage sale was out of the question so I did a virtual garage sale and got rid of a lot of stuff [not enough, but lots].

On the upside, I’ve been up and down those stairs so many times my fitbit exploded.

The other upside is the people who’ve bought our house have huge plans for it and are so excited! I’m thrilled for them that they finally pulled it off after several deals on their house fell through.

Wish us luck tomorrow. And the next day and the next day…this stuff isn’t going to move itself!


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