Put In a Good Word for Me

Scrabble rocks!


I can’t remember not reading and not loving words.

Loving words.
How can you not?

I’m enthralled by them…fascinated.
I love the way they look and the sound they make in different mouths.

…like when I just wrote those 2 words: “loving words” and I thought “wow… isn’t it way cool that just two little words can DO those different things when you put them together. Damn.

Loving words…

That’s a a random, passing thought and not what I sat down to write about. Which is about how much I love words and word games and puzzles.
I’ve always done crosswords and I love Boggle and Word Whomp and especially Scrabble.

I am wickedly competitive when it comes to scrabble.
We have an annual beach challenge every year and it’s so fun (winning!).

I play online and often  play the computer (or “CPU” as it’s known) on Difficult. And that sucks because CPU is a frikken word-descrambler, and regularly gets 3+ seven letter bingos in a game so winning against THAT is a huge challenge. Since I refuse to pay for the game, I am beleaguered by the constant ads. One after every move.

Did I mention that I was fiercely competitive when it came to games?

So there we were…Jim and I. First game of the holiday challenge scrabble series. We draw for first go. He won. Which I was pleased about cos I hate going first. The best you can ever do is a double word score.
I draw my tiles.
Oh Em Gee!

If only I had another “a”…

Jim was gutted. He had crap letters and could only come up with C-A-T.

Ohhhhh look!!! An A!




What are the chances?

I think it was 78 points. Oh yeah! What a first move. hehehe

He never recovered.


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