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Realistic Cake Challenge

Here’s a contest you could actually WIN!

Over the past months I have downsized my cake pans and bakery equipment but the hard core decorating stuff I cannot find it in me to part with [yet].

I have enough fondant left to do a couple of cakes and I’ve had a few close calls when I thought I’d do a cake for some occasion or other but got lazy or lost confidence…dunno, but they didn’t happen.

This was one I saw and I really, really came close…

Gorgeous Singer Sewing Machine Cake

Then this Inspired and Motivated Me!

This video came up on my news feed this morning and wouldn’t you know it – it made me want to do a flippin’ cake!

Amazingly Realistic Cakes

Some Love Cakes

The best and most fun cakes for me were always the custom, themed ones. I never made money from making them because I took too long, was too meticulous and probably over-ambitious. Here are some of the many – they’re all flawed because it’s SUGAR you’re working with. But you get the picture…


Post a pic of the cake you want me to make.

It can be something from the video, or something that you love.

I will pick one that appeals to me too, and make it for you – Free of course.

Love from Love Cakes

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