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Welcome to my new website. I’

Our internet here at the lake is bloody slow – it’s made this process way harder than it should have been. I found a perfect theme program that I loved and wanted to use. Unfortunately after almost a week battling it, and 3 unanswered support tickets, I gave up

Okay – I am going to stop whining now! is up and running. I hope you like it. Have a poke round…

I have dumped a lot of awful, old, embarrassing blogs. I’ve left some of the less stellar ones because they were real at the time.

The reason behind this is that I have been doing a lot of thinking, writing, listening and cooking. I want to share more, and I’m planning frequent posts on what we’re are eating on our Green WW journey. I’m working on “Tales from the B&B” – can’t wait to start posting some of those stories!

The reality is that I have been in holding pattern for too long now. Waiting and wondering will we sell the house? where will we live?
It really doesn’t matter, and I am not going wait any longer!

Boring, obligatory Diet Update: I’m still losing an average of 3lb a week. Considering I’m sick with bronchitis and don’t feeling like doing anything much, I am good with that result!

I think Lynne’s World is easy to navigate and I hope you like poking round!
If you have any feedback, let me know.

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