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    Blueberry Lemon Glazed Scones

    Sometimes I think I’ve actually become my mother because I make scones now once or twice every week. My Grandmother was a dab hand at baking scones and hers were deliciously flaky and loaded with plump sultanas. She served them warm with lashings of butter. I am pretty sure she baked them practically every day. Only one of her daughters had the slightest interest in cooking or baking and luckily for me, that was my Mum. She would knock up a batch of scones at the drop of a hat…usually they were fruit (of the dried variety) though sometimes she’d make cheese ones at lunchtime. Yummy. I used to always…

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    Lovecakes Gourmet Cupcakes

    Lovecakes Bakery was a huge part of my life for several years and I got so much satisfaction from seeing people truly enjoying my baking and being thrilled and amazed by the decorating. I cringe, absolutely squirm in my seat, when I see pics of some of my earliest icing attempts. Dear Lord. But I did get better and since there is no longer any record, anywhere, of my creations (I’ve closed the website and facebook pages) I thought I’d post some of my favourite cake pictures here for posterity. And this one deserves its own moment of glory! Breakfast cupcake with maple buttercream frosting topped with candied bacon and…

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    Heavenly Lemon Ricotta Cookies

    Lemon is one of my favourite ingredients for both cooking and baking. My lemon cupcakes were for sure one of my personal favourites and by far the most fiddly and complex: a rich lemon cake, filled with home made lemon curd, glazed with lemon syrup, frosted with a rich buttery frosting and topped with a slice of candied lemon. Today I made Lemon Ricotta Cookies..a Giada De Laurentiis recipe I knew they were going to be gorgeous when I looked at the batter. I tasted it (quite a lot) and it was delicious! The Ricotta makes the mixture very moist and light. I was very generous with the lemon juice.…