Linda Ronstadt

The Sound of Linda’s Voice

I meant to write a recommendation straight after I watched “The Sound of My Voice” – Linda Ronstadt. I didn’t – my bad. Paul Canty just posted one of her songs on Facebook and I realized that I hadn’t seen ANYONE talking about this show. It’s so good, so good, so good, baby it’s so good.

Linda Ronstadt was always one of my favourite singers. I thought I knew so much about her, but I was wrong.

Somehow I was lucky enough, at 17, to find myself working as a radio programmer on the local rock music station. The people I worked with were some of the most knowledgeable programmers (and musicians) in the country.

Tony Backhouse became my personal Musical Guru. He’d disappear into the nether regions of the music library and come out with a stack of obscure albums and play me “gems”. Gospel, Southern Zydeco, Classical, R&B. It was Tony who turned me onto Little Feat. That alone was a game-changer. What a blessing to have mainstream pop knocked out of me at such an early age!

Midge Marsden spent hours in the audition booth meticulously selecting blues tracks for Blues is News and the Cotton Eye Joe Sunday night show – I was getting a very well-rounded education.

Someone coined the name “Linda Golden Voice” – it could have been any of us, because we all loved her, but it was probably Midge,

Over the holidays we were scrolling through the Netflix menu and I saw “The Sound of My Voice” – Linda Ronstadt. Jim had zero interest. He wasn’t into “that kind of music”. But since we’d been looking for a solid 30 minutes at that point he conceded and we started the show.

Wow. It was SO real. So raw. I loved every single second of that documentary.

She is so SMART – remember she dated Governor Jerry Brown back in the day. She is politically astute, funny, and extremely articulate. No bimbo. Not even close.

I never understood or appreciated “Pirates of Penzance”. I don’t like musicals or operettas. The clips they showed were jaw-dropping. I got it.

Her determination to experimentation with so many different genres and her thought/decision-making process was interesting. Like many exceptional artists she saw her vocal ability almost in the third person, and certainly without ego. It was like she wanted to see what her voice could do. It made me love her even more. You will too.

Watch it. So worth it.

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