• Life

    Tent For Sale

    God, I love camping. I love sleeping in a tent, I love cooking on a campfire and grilling. Nothing tastes better than coffee cooked in an enamel pot on a Coleman propane stove. Well, that’s apart from the new camping cooler drink I invented: San Pellegrino Lemonata and Titos Vodka is pretty awesome. We spent 4 days at Ross Lake – about 1.5 hours from here, and about one glorious hour out of cell/wifi range. The campground we stayed in was just across the US border in Washington State in a beautiful place called Hozomeen. The campgrounds are nicer than 2 minutes up the road on the Canadian side and…

  • Crafty

    Mirror, Mirror II

    I’ve been painting and refinishing lots of mirrors – they’re fun, easy “fixes”. My current project is my favourite – I’ll post it soon. I’ve been experimenting with broken plate mosaics too – and have incorporated some flowers in the mirrors  – with the big white one also having some china mosaic around the border.