Can’t see a thing.

The snow is blizzarding right now and it’s unexpected, unpredicted and if it hadn’t done the same thing last winter it would be unprecedented.

I got up early this morning (disturbed by an ignorant 5.45am text message from one of Jim’s customers). Did a few chores. Answered some emails. Put the garbage out. Then it was light enough to take some pictures

Jim won’t be going anywhere in a hurry!

It took him forever to defrost it enough to be able to open the doors.

Since then it has rained which made the ice worse. Then it snowed heavily and now it’s blowing and snowing. The ice rain is making every surface dangerous. It’s like walking on a mirror.

Abbotsford and Mission have power outages but thankfully we still have electricity. Lamps and candles are at the ready though and I have the gas fire going. LOTS of brown-outs….

We are resigned to losing our beautiful trees in the front yard. They’re so laden with ice and snow and there’s no way they’ll come out of this storm intact.

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